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19 June, 2007

Game site round up

I thought I'd owe it to the very name of my blog to at least have SOME information about Point and Click games which have become part of my weekly routine. If I'm not escaping a room somewhere McGyver style at least once a week I feel a little lost. Here are some of the places I like to check out for my hit of Point and Click:

1) Lazylaces

A fellow Brit who posts Mon-Fri Point and Click games available online. You can rate the games and supply your own comment. Usually there is two or three games a day. Some are hits, most are misses but there is certainly something for all palates.

2) Nordinho

A forum with a whole lot of games. You don't have to join it to play the games though and usually the solution is posted in the threads (not that I look at solutions). Check under "New Adventure Games" for the point and click section.

3) Jayisgames

A review site for many Flash games (not just PnC) which frequently updates and holds a heck of a lot of older games in it's archives. The reviews can get pretty in depth with full descriptions and a sort of playability guide. My advice is just to take a peek at the screen shot, read the first few lines and then give it a go if it looks good. Games are so subjective aren't they?

4) Newgrounds

A site that is as much about Flash games as it is about Flash movies and guides on how to make your own using Flash. A great resource for anyone new to Flash or who just wants to watch some homemade Flash movies and play some sweet, original games. Not all the games are suitable for work or children (but it will tell you that on the website).

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