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01 June, 2007

Notes for a Friday..before I forget

Reading through the news today a couple of stories caught my attention. Anyone who knows me at all will know that I have a horrible memory. A good example is last night's conversation with Ms Click.

Allclick: Is Pirates of the Carribean opening this week?

Ms Click: I'm pretty sure it opened last week

Allclick: Really? How do you know that?

Ms Click: Because you told me yesterday that it broke the 6 day record on it's opening weekend.

Enough said. Thankfully scientists are currently researching into memory aids just for people like myself. The latest discovery is that epicatechin "could encourage structural and functional changes in a part of a mouse's brain involved in learning and memory." For those not in the know, epicatechin is found in tea, cocoa, blueberries and grapes and so it looks like i'll be getting a cocoa-blueberry tea and grapes for dinner tonight.

Bayer have also brought out a product called "Vital and Sharp Mind". At about $12 this seems like a lot to sharpen my mind, and it just seems to be mainly fish oil. I'm tempted to pick this up while I patent my "Dehydration prevention Liquid" for $12 a bottle. Ingredients: Aqua.
Another story of interest was regarding a British man who was hit by lightning this week walking in Crampers Field, Coventry, England. Unsuprisingly he has been entitled "Lucky Man". His clothes were blackened and his shoe had disintegrated (not sure why he was only wearing the one). When the ambulance showed up he was concious and covered in blankets by members of the public. Blankets. The obvious choice of protection against lightning bolts.

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you remembered THAT conversation! :P