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13 June, 2007

Retro Movie Review: Office Space

My eyes were truly awakened last year when I got around to watching this movie. I hadn't heard much about it at all I just knew I'd just been told that I would enjoy it and that I'd better watch it soon so that people could quote it at me. Office Space, although made in 1999 still rang very true to me. I was in a cycle of working in mostly pointless office jobs with incompetent, under trained and undereducated bosses wondering to myself how everyone else could stand it. No-one else seemed to be having the same problems as me and would often be baffled when I frequently moaned about my issues. After watching this movie I a) laughed hard and b) felt at some peace that I wasn't the only one going through the same experience. I felt like someone had filmed my life for the past 2 years and made it into a movie. All except the going to prison part and burning building. Oh and I didn't jump on a printer in a field. Though I wish I had of now. Anyway, this is a tremendous film that summarizes the boredom and frustration that is working in an office perfectly and is just an enjoyable movie to sit back and let it play. I would say this is Gary Cole at his finest and even Jennifer Aniston does a good job.

Rating: 8/10

Comments: Even if you don't work in an office see this. Look out for Mike Judge.


RedZeppelin said...

The printer assault in the field is one of the funniest single scenes in movie history.

KRR said...

Hmmm I seem to recall you receiving the DVD as a lovely gift from a lovely person and you commenting that someone was trying to force you to watch it :P I think I'm going to need you to sumbit a TPS report on the situation ... don't forget the cover sheet!

All Click said...

If you could re-send me the memo, that would be great :-p

KRR said...

I'll resend it as soon as I find my stapler ... my red stapler is missing ... someone took my red swingline stapler ... when they switched to boston staplers I kept my swingline and I want it back or I'll set the building on fire.