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21 June, 2007

Dance Tonight

After watching the Ipod/Itunes commercial for the 4th or 5th time this catchy little song by Paul McCartney has ingrained itself into my brain. Here is the full official video (not one of those bootleg dodgy knockoffs) from Sir Paul, himself. The video has a simple idea but has some nice touches and Mackenzie Crook (aka the pirate with the false eye, aka Gareth from The Office (UK) ) is in it. Which is a bonus. It's called Dance Tonight by the way. But I'm sure you picked up on that after one verse ;-)

1 comment:

Chris James said...

I think it is an attempt at bluegrass. I'm not big on the lyrics, but I give mad props for the mandolin.

I have it Starshucks the day that they debuted the album and, unfortunately, the other tunes made me feel very sorry for the employees listening to the songs in a loop.