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27 June, 2007

The Abandoned - Film Review

Location, Location, Location. It's pretty much a biggie for movies and The Abandoned (as many a horror film before) plumped for a remote location in an old, run-down house surrounded by a river, with only one bridge onto the island that the house was built. This is pretty much a problem for the main protagonist Marie (Anastasia Hille) who can't swim. Different from some of the recent Horror films I've had the chance to watch is that it is based in the heart of Russia. But don't worry, nearly everyone speaks perfect English (they must have some good schooling there). The story is essentially about an adopted woman who comes to Russia to investigate the property which has been passed down to her from her real parents, whom she knows nothing about. Soon after arriving at the island the scares begin. She uncovers the history of her family and the events of the past. Strangely, this has little to do with the Doll featured on the poster and front of the DVD.

The Abandoned is one of the movie released as part of the 8 films to die for series which you can view here. This is the 5th in the collection that I have seen now and have to say that it does stand out from the rest. It is not the best of the 8 films but it does have an original storyline and I really enjoyed some of scary moments. The part where she waves a flashlight around watching it reveal the history of the building was pretty spooky and clever. It's only 98 minutes long so won't take much out of your day so try and catch this when you have a spare moment.

Rating: 6/10
Comments: I much preferred Gravedancers and Reincarnation in the same series but this an original, well made, horror/thriller.


Anonymous said...

I think you should add a "jump" rating for thriller/horror reviews to indicate the number of scares a movie had that were good enough to make you jump ... not that you would ever jump during a skeery movie.

All Click said...

hmm in that case this movie was about a 2.5 i think :-p I don't jump though...those are umm spasms.