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06 June, 2007

A Quick Fix

Who want's one? I think the answer is everyone. Seems that everything must be fast and it must be effective...oh and free would be good too. When did everyone suddenly need everything so urgently? I guess we could look at technology. The invention of the Internet (invention? creation? birth?), fax machine, cellular phones have all sped up the way information is exchanged but from research I've read this hasn't decreased levels of stress in any way and in fact probably has the opposite effect. Other quick fixes are demanded in medicine. How many commercials are on TV offering effective, rapid relief from a problem? Have depression? Here is a quick pill you can take. Why spend months in counseling when you can get a quick fix? Want to lose weight? Don't spend hours in the gym, don't monitor your food intake just take this pill, drink this powder, eat this snack etc... It's probably the fault of the advertisers but they are just appealing to what we want. Right? Why isn't more being done to prevent global warming? Because we are all waiting for the quick fix to take place. I think the desire for a quick fix has to come from within human nature. But why do we want everything fast? What will we do with all this free time generated? I wish I knew. Try and slow down this week. Turn off the phone, and play a game, spend time with the family, write a letter. Slow and steady wins the race.

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