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11 June, 2007

30 mins to spare

If you have 30 mins to spare and a sharp brain then try the lastest game from the gotmail crew called The Shochu Bar. It's visually appealing, has some nice puzzles in it and will certainly get your brain working. If you like you can play the game in Japanese (for the hardcore gamer) or English (for the wuss gamer). It basically involves being trapped in a bar (why would you WANT to escape?) while trying to find a message and remember something about your relationship with a guy. A bonus in this game is that there isn't much pixel hunting ( a pet peeve of mine in online point and click games) and it's more about using the right object at the right time in the right place. Or something like that. Ms. Allclick and I completed this game together but still couldn't figure out what a Shochu is or even how to pronounce it. Answers on a postcard please to: Old Ford Locks.......

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